Advanced Studio

Advanced Studio
17. February 2023 Silvia Converso

Courtesy MAS Urban and Territorial Design ETH Zürich / EPFL Lausanne


Milica Topalovic

Teaching Team

Nancy Couling, Karoline Kostka, Muriz Djurdjević, Nazlı Tümerdem and Alice Clarke

In Spring Semester 2023 the Advanced Studio Agroecological Repair, Transforming the Zurich Territory will focus on the challenges of current agricultural practices and probes the possibility of an agroecological transformation of the social fabric, rivers, forests, valleys and agricultural plains in the Zurich region. In Zurich, the cantonal outline corresponds roughly to the metropolitan region, hence the agricultural landscapes are tightly interwoven with expanding urban development. Instead of focusing on the well-studied cities, our studio applies design as an instrument to readdress the territorial subject as a whole and develop an integrated vision for its agroecological transformation.

The design studio explores a new role for the designer who repairs damages wrought by urbanisation processes in the previous decades and asks how we can catalyse positive processes of transformation that lead to socially and environmentally just landscapes and territories.

The programme draws on a wealth of precedents at the Architecture of Territory Chair, and the accompanying lectures, sessions and courses. However an overarching territorial concept for the canton of Zurich, based on agroecological regeneration has never been drawn, visualised or proposed. Together, the eight case-studies explored during the semester will contribute to such a vision.

  • Course 061-0144-22 U
  • Studio Space: ONA G 37
  • Introduction: Monday, 20.02.2023, 11h
  • Final Critique: 01.06.2023 
  • 12 Credits
  • Language of instruction is English
  • Prerequisites: Enrollment in MScLA Program; Completion of Foundation Studios I and II

Course overview in the previous semester:
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