Book launch: Solid, Fluid, Biotic. Changing Alpine Landscapes

Book launch: Solid, Fluid, Biotic. Changing Alpine Landscapes
1. November 2021 Zhao Ma

Neue Publikation der Professur Günther Vogt

3. November, ab 17:00 | Case Studio VOGT, Stampfenbachstrasse 59, 8006 Zürich.

The Alps are not an immovable massif, but mobile and sensitive organism. Various phenomena of this dynamic landscape were made during the 17th. Architecture Biennial in Venice illuminated by VOGT landscape architects and the Günther Vogt professorship. Findings and phenomena are documented in this book and are examined along with the three subject areas of geology, hydrology and biology in scientific essays, art interventions and field trips.

Lars Müller Publishers, deutsch und englisch.

The Publication
The Alpine region is characterized by great diversity in all spatial dimensions and qualities. This circumstance is not to be read primarily as the result of thirst of all as an expression of the alpine topography, determined ministrative drawing of borders, but at the same time by intensive cultivation by humankind.