Ecology & Plant Science Module Fall 20

Ecology & Plant Science Module Fall 20
28. June 2020 Luisa Overath

In this fundamental course students acquire basic knowledge in ecology and plant sciences focusing on its application in the field of landscape architecture. As an introduction to the field of living systems, the course start with the history of ecology, followed by an introduction to general terrestrial ecology, plant systematics, taxonomy, evolutionary biology, and basic notions of landscape ecology. A more specific approach to Swiss ecologies will follow with a concentration on grassland systems, aquatic systems and forests. Finally, the course focuses on the specifics of tree structure and function, and plant physiology. Not only does an understanding of key concepts in ecology allow for conversations across disciplines, it also provides a framework for understanding developments in the field of Landscape Architecture in the last several decades. Conversations around process, succession, change, management, and dynamics in landscape architecture are all rooted in the field of ecology. By going to the source of these ideas and engaging directly with scientists, the module prepares students to push these conversations further through design.

Through the production of a series of drawings, students will develop a graphic language in order to integrate this scientific knowledge into design. Drawing is a way of synthesizing the information shared by the experts and translating that knowledge into a form that enables design.


  • Oct 05 History of Ecology
  • Oct 06 Fundamentals of Ecology I,
  • Oct 07 Fundamentals of Ecology II
  • Oct 08 Grassland Science
  • Oct 09 Plant Systematics I & II
  • Oct 12 Landscape Ecology
  • Oct 13 Aquatic Systems I & II
  • Oct 14 Plant Physiology I & II
  • Oct 15 Trees – Structure and Function & Trip
  • Oct 16 Forest Dynamics and Management