Form and Territory: Three Projects in Peru

Form and Territory: Three Projects in Peru
29. April 2022 Silvia Converso

Form and Territory. Three Projects in Peru by Gary Leggett

Friday 6 May,  18h

ONA Fokushalle (E7)

The lecture will address three current projects that describe some of the material, environmental and social challenges facing architectural practices today, specifically in Peru.

Gary Leggett is a Peruvian architect and founder of Leggett & Cahuas. He is a professor at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP) in Lima and serves currently as deputy director at the Center for Architectural and Urban Research (CIAC). Leggett is also the author of several publications, including Polis Lima, published in 2006, and numerous articles in international journals including Perspecta, New Geographies, Cabinet, AD, and Pidgin.

Form and Territory will be the inaugural lecture in the upcoming LUStalks series, to be announced soon.

The lecture will be followed by an apero.