Foundation Studio I

Foundation Studio I
18. September 2022 Silvia Converso

Remnant lagoons and salt marches of Lake Texcoco. Haakon S. Krohn, in History of the Present: Mexico City, Daniel Brook.


Prof. Galí-Izard

Teaching Team

Cara Turret

In the Foundation Studio I, the students will study the soils of the former bed of lake Texcoco in Mexico City. Once a lake, carefully managed by the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan, it was drained over centuries by the Spanish colonists. It is today a vast, largely abandoned landscape of bare soil that stands in contrast to the density of the mega-metropolis of Mexico City.
The former lake bed has also been the site of various failed 20th century industrial projects, including abandoned salt harvesting operation and billion-dollar airport runway that was never completed. The dry and saline conditions have made it the source of major dust storms in recent history. It is also sinking as Mexico City extracts more and more water from the belowground aquifer. Over the next 70 years the land is projected to fall 30 meters.
In this studio, we will study the area in section, translating its unique conditions into drawings and making proposals for the future.

The semester is composed of six modules, which are linked to the respective fundamental course, and a synthesis module:

  1. Climate”, 19–23.09.2022
  2. Water”, 26–30.09.2022
  3. Soill”, 3–7.10.22
  4. Ecology & Plant Science”, 10–21.10.22
  5. Designing with Plants I”, 07–11.11.22
  6. Materials & Construction I”, 31.10.–04.11; 21–25.11.22
  7. Synthesis”, 28.11.–20.12.22

In addition to the design professors, external experts of diverse fields will advise and support the students during the development of their design. The organization of the course intends to have lectures and other theoretical inputs in the morning (fundamental courses) and to deal with the same topics in more discursive way in the design studio in the afternoon.

  • 20 September – 22 December, 2022
  • Course 061-0141-21 U
  • 14 Credits
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisites: Enrollment in MScLA Program