History & Theory in Landscape Architecture I

History & Theory in Landscape Architecture I
11. September 2023 Silvia Converso

Buffualo Park


Annemarie Bucher, Dr.

The course deals with phenomena, terms and social contexts of designing nature since the 19th century, in order to derive a basis for ways of thinking and action for the present.

Students acquire an overview of the history of landscape architecture as well as an insight into the changing concepts and ways of thinking about designing nature. They become familiar with historical developments and their actuality and learn “from history”. Students also analyse examples and design contexts and develop a basis for ways of thinking and action for current landscape architectural proposals.

Designing nature accompanies the history of mankind. Since industrialisation and with the establishment of landscape architecture as a profession, the understanding of nature and design concepts have changed from the green lung of cities to the current saving of the planet in the Anthropocene. The course deals with the relevant phenomena of designing nature (park, garden city, garden reform, new gardens, modern gardens, natural gardens, postmodern parks and landscapes, ecosystem repair, urban agriculture, slum upgrading, nature-cultures, etc.), terms (nature, landscape, garden, ecology, agriculture, etc.) and their wider contexts. Based on the history and theory of the profession, students develop a strong fundament for designing in the present.

  • 20 September–25 November, 2023
  • Course 061-0109-00 V
  • 2 Credits
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisites: Enrollment in MScLA Program