Landscape Acoustics

Landscape Acoustics
22. July 2020 Cara Turett

The prehistoric monument of stonehenge. Areal view Damian grady, 2006


Nadine Schütz, Dr.

The course «Landscape Acoustics» covers basic theoretical and technical notions of acoustics as related to outdoor environments. It introduces a holistic sonic landscape understanding combining physical, perceptual, social and ecological knowledge/approaches. Through case studies from different epochs and cultures, the course aims to raise awareness of acoustics as a multifaceted landscape perception and design constituent. An overview of contemporary tools and methods for environmental sound analysis and design and an introduction to the use of the AudioVisual Lab infrastructure provide a basis for students to become actors on acoustic landscape quality.

During the semester, students will be asked to critically reflect and apply the course content based on their current design studio site. The result will be a semester thesis combining written, graphical and sonic content. Final oral presentations will take place on the day of the last course meeting.


The course takes place in form of a weekly seminar in the first part of the semester, with a weekend workshop followed by bi-weekly meetings in the second part of the semester.

Lecture dates: 26/02, 05/03, 12/03, 19/03, 16/04, 30/04, 14/05
Weekend workshop: 17-18 April 2021

  • Course 061-0118-00 G
  • 2 Lessons per Week
  • 3 Credits
  • Language: English, German
  • Offered in: MSc Landscape Architecture, MSc Architecture