Landscape Aesthetics

Landscape Aesthetics
23. January 2023 Alicja Prusinska

Luke Harris


Raimund Rodewald, Dr.

Landscape aesthetics – Theory and practice of the sensuous cognition of landscape qualities. The lecture comprises short excursions as well as theoretical and practical applications of landscape quality and their development goals.

Becoming familiar with the concepts of landscape aesthetics and obtaining an overview of the im-portance, methods and applicability of aesthetical landscape valuation and development.

Aesthetic qualities of landscapes are difficult to measure. However, they play a big role in evaluating landscape change. In recent years there has been a growing interest in theoretical and practical sen-sory methods that enable the assessment and understanding of landscape perception. Practical analyses of landscapes and their development requires knowledge of the concepts of “beauty” and “aesthetic cognition and evaluation”

  • Course 103-0330-00L
  • 2 Credits
  • Prerequisites: Enrollment in MScLA Program