Designing with Plants I Module

Designing with Plants I Module
23. July 2020 Cara Turett

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG


Günther Vogt, Prof.

This course provides an introduction to the basics of botany and forms a solid foundation of knowledge for the following semesters. The course covers the following areas: Species knowledge of native shrubs and trees in winter conditions and their habitat requirements, introduction to the identification of plants and consolidation of botanical terms.

Students will be introduced to botany and after the course they will be able to identify about forty native trees and shrubs in order to use them appropriately their designs. They will be familiar with botanical terms, which will enable them to have a high level of understanding of botanical literature.

This course focuses on excursions with botanical experts. In addition, the students are supported by theoretical and conceptual lectures. This gives the students a good basis of botanical knowledge, which can be professionally integrated into the designs. This module is organized together with Foundation Studio I, so that the knowledge imparted can directly influence the designs.

The module is divided into different subject areas:

  1. Consolidation of botanical terms. These form the basis for the identification and recognition of plants. The most important technical terms are explained and illustrated with suitable material.
  2. Species knowledge is taught on regular field excursions and supplemented with theoretical input. The species can also be studied in the classroom using fresh material. In addition to site characteristics and seasonal changes, growth forms are also taught.
  3. Through the introduction to identification, the students will understand how an identification key is constructed and how it is used, so that unknown species can be identified independently.

The fundamental course “Designing with Plants I” (01– 06th October 2021) and the Foundation Studio I are interrelated modules. The weekly schedule is published on the course website (and is included in the reader).

  • 01 – 12 November, 2021
  • Course 061-0105-00 G
  • 2 Credits
  • Language: German
  • Prerequisites: Enrollment in MScLA Program