Master’s Thesis Final Reviews

Master’s Thesis Final Reviews
6. December 2022 Silvia Converso

12 December 2022, 12:30-18:30
HIL Foyer H. 40.9

Final Reviews of the MScLA Master’s Thesis Fall 2022: Landscapes of Adaptive Infrastructures in the Furttal

Momoyo Kaijima (Chair of Architectural Behaviorology), Freek Persyn (Chair of Architecture & Urban Transformation), Milica Topalovic (Chair of Architecture and Territorial Planning), Günther Vogt (Chair of Landscape Architecture)

MScLA Professors:
Christophe Girot
Teresa Galí-Izard

Stefan Breit, Fujan Fahmi

Beatrice Kiser, Flore Schärrer, Angela Stadelmann, Simon Orga, Annabell Daveruth, Fanny Christinaz, Sophia Garner