Absence – Studio Voser Final Reviews

Absence – Studio Voser Final Reviews
19. May 2023 Silvia Converso

31.05.2023 | 09:45-18:00


A landscape of elongated gentle valleys, steep clefts and characteristic avenues – and with a great absent: Water | The streams and springs are missing – if at all, the water shows itself only briefly after rainfall before it disappears underground. But hidden behind all these absences are themes that have the potential to provide exemplary answers to contemporary questions to current issues: A cultural landscape created by man, which has to cope with the the barren soils and the scarcity of water, urban structures that are sustainable in terms of urban climate and a slow-beating beat that allows for a transformation process.
In the search for the future identity of this space, students are asked to take their own attitude and develop their vision for this characteristic landscape. What can we learn from from the karst landscape around La Chaux-de-Fond and how can we make the clock of the valley run again?

ETH Zürich, FS23 | Martina Voser, Coralie Berchtold, Yann Junod, Sofia Prifti
Loris Angst, Linda Arnaboldi, Chiara Bosshard, Sara Brunner, Bertha Chen, Michelle Döbeli, Gabriel Eggenschwyler, Elena Hauenstein, Laura Klinnert Vlachopoulou, Anastasia Lupo, Rosina Maibach, Charlotte Neyenhuys, Emanuel Pulfer, Léna Reesink, Annina Schoop, Benoit von Wattenwyl.