Sebastian Schemm, Prof. Dr.

Atmospheric Dynamics (D-USYS)

Heini Wernli, Prof. Dr.

Atmospheric Dynamics (D-USYS)

Gianluca Mussetti, Dr.

Land-Climate Dynamics (D-USYS)

Jonas Schwab, Dr.

Land-Climate Dynamics (D-USYS)

Reto Knutti, Prof. Dr.
Climate Physics (D-USYS)

Christoph Schär, Prof. Dr.
Hydrology & Water cycle (D-USYS)

Christian Steger, Dr.
Hydrology & Water cycle (D-USYS)

Maria Giuditta Fellin, Dr.

Introduction to Geology (D-ERDW)


Vincenzo Picotti, Dr.
Introduction to Geology (D-ERDW)

Rolf Weingartner, Prof. Dr.
Hydrology (University of Bern / Institute of Geography)

Ruben Kretzschmar, Prof. Dr.
Introduction to Soils & Soil Chemistry & Fertility (D-USYS)

Andrea Carminati, Prof. Dr.
Soil Physics (D-USYS)

Aline Frossard, Dr.
Soil Biology & Ecology (WSL)

Sebastian Dötterl, Prof. Dr.
Soil Conservation & Degradation (D-USYS)

Ivana Oberhänsli
Practical Aspects of Soil Protection (Fachstelle Bodenschutz)

Debjani Bhattacharyya, Prof. Dr.
Empire and Ecology (University of Zurich)

Guillaume Chomicki, Dr.
Introduction to Tree Architecture (University of Sheffield)

Alessia Guggisberg, Dr.
Plant Systematics (D-USYS)

Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, Prof. Dr.
Plant Community Ecology (D-USYS)

Mathieu Lévesque, Dr.
Forest Dynamics and Management (D-USYS)

Jörg Luster, Dr.
Rhizosphere (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)

Andreas Rudow
Trees – Structure and Function (D-USYS)

Thomas Wohlgemuth, Dr.
Disturbance Ecology (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)

Roman Zweifel, Dr.
Plant Physiology (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL)

Sonja Hassold, Dr.
Designing with Plants I

Research Assistants


Program Coordinator