Sebastian Schemm, Prof. Dr.
Atmospheric Dynamics (D-USYS)

Heini Wernli, Prof. Dr
Atmospheric Dynamics (D-USYS)

Nicolas Gruber, Prof. Dr.
Carbon Budget (D-USYS)

Jonas Schwaab, Dr.
Land-Climate Dynamics (D-USYS)

Christoph Schär, Prof. Dr.
Hydrology & Water cycle (D-USYS)

Christian Steger, Dr.
Hydrology & Water cycle (D-USYS)

Maria Giuditta Fellin, Dr.
Introduction to Geology (D-ERDW)

Vincenzo Picotti, Dr.
Introduction to Geology (D-ERDW)

Rolf Weingartner, Prof. Dr.
Hydrology (University of Bern / Institute of Geography)

Ruben Kretzschmar, Prof. Dr.
Introduction to Soils & Soil Chemistry & Fertility (D-USYS)

Andrea Carminati, Prof. Dr.
Soil Physics (D-USYS)

Aline Frossard, Dr.
Soil Biology & Ecology (WSL)

Sebastian Dötterl, Prof. Dr.
Soil Conservation & Degradation (D-USYS)

Sonja Hassold, Dr.
Plants Systematics I

Camila Andrea Medina Novoa
History of Ecology (D-ARCH)

Arthur Gessler, Prof. Dr.
Plant Physiology (D-USYS)

Andreas Rigling, Prof. Dr.
Plant Physiology (D-USYS)

Guillaume Chomicki, Dr.
Introduction to Tree Architecture (University of Sheffield)

Mathieu Lévesque, Dr.
Forest Dynamics and Management (D-USYS)

Jörg Luster, Dr.
Rhizosphere (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)

Andreas Rudow
Trees – Structure and Function (D-USYS)

Thomas Wohlgemuth, Dr.
Disturbance Ecology (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)

Annemarie Bucher, Dr
History & Theory of Landscape Architecture I (D-ARCH)

Albert Kirchengast, Prof. Dr.
Ethics in Landscape Architecture (D-ARCH)

Teaching Staff

Study Programme Coordinator