10. January 2023 Alicja Prusinska

Pina, Wim Wenders 2011

The elective course “Topology” in the Spring Semester of 2023 builds on a long standing specialization in the spatial exploration of the landscape. We will embark the participants on a terrain that we shape through our own thoughts and actions, adopting different perceptual perspectives, supported by examples from art, literature, technology and history.

This elective course gives architecture students the opportunity to further develop their perception of space through a site-specific approach in the field of landscape architecture. The students will learn to use 3D point cloud technology and other spatial sensing technologies in order to analyze complex urban landscape and develop new ways of editing and representing these intertwined spaces.

Students will document and analyze the given site to reveal its topological potentials and sensory qualities. This understanding will be gained through point cloud modeling and audiovisual composition. In particular, we will develop a new, comprehensive sectional model of a topologically interesting site situation.

Students will become acquainted to working with point cloud models produced with laser-scanning. Through a series of steps, they will learn how a laser-scanning survey is conducted, how the raw data is processed, how point cloud models are assembled, what qualities these models can provide to analyze, explore and represent space as an audiovisual experience.

Collected samples from the field will be assembled and built into an interactive application in the «Landscape Visualization and Modelling Lab». All software required is open source and can also be installed on private laptops, facilitating work from home if necessary.


  • Course 052-0716-23 L
  • 2 Lessons per Week
  • 2 Credits
  • max. 20 Participants
  • Language: German, English
  • Offered in: MSc Landscape Architecture, MSc Architecture


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