Urban Planning and Urban Policy

Urban Planning and Urban Policy
3. February 2023 Alicja Prusinska

Batul Abbas

We live in an urban and urbanizing society. Cities and dense regions are places where transformations such as climate change, economic globalization, settlement expansions, migration, or digitization manifest themselves first and most clearly. In this lecture, we study how cities plan for and react to these global transformations by making use of planning approaches and policy instruments.

Overall learning goal: Students can describe and explain the problems that arise in dense urban settings and they can analyze and compare how cities plan for and react to these urban problems through planning and policy-making

Learning objective 1: Students can explain and infer what kind of problems emerges in cities

Learning objective 2: Students discover and analyze different urban policy sectors

Learning objective 3: Students can compare and evaluate different types of urban planning and policy-making approaches

  • Course 103-0570-00L
  • 2 Lessons per Week
  • 4 Credits
  • Language: English