Water Module Fall 20

Water Module Fall 20
9. June 2020 Cara Turett

The water module introduces the students to the theoretical fundamentals of hydrology and gives a more practical perspective on the subject through exercise sessions. Since many aspects of hydrology can be illustrated very well through local examples, the course puts a strong emphasis on the situation in Switzerland and includes several excursions with a focus in the alpine region.

Among the many topics discussed in the module are the basic components of water balance (precipitation, evapotranspiration, runoff, storage), the impact of climate change, water-related hazards, water quality, water management and hydropower. The subjects are organized into daily focus areas and are presented by different experts from academia and administration.


  • Sep 21 Water Balance & Floods
  • Sep 22 Urban Water, Water and Climate Change & Water as Element of Landscape
  • Sep 23 Water Pollution & Treatment, Management of Water / Excursion ARA Werdhölzli & Reussegg, Sins
  • Sep 24 Applied Hydrology: From Groundwater to Lake Shore Planning / Excursion Uttigen, Aaretal & Kander, Thun
  • Sep 25 Natural Hazards, Climate & Hydropower / Excursion Guttannen & Grimsel

by Magdalena Kaufmann