13. November 2020 Luisa Overath

We welcome our students to the new Master’s degree program in Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich!

The first semester is structured as a modular focus semester that links theoretical knowledge and design lessons. It creates the basis for the following semesters, taking into account the previous professional education of the students with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture.

We started with the module “Climate”. On our excursion to the Aletsch Glacier, students experienced first-hand the local impacts caused by global climate change. The first four modules were aimed to build up basic knowledge in natural sciences and ecology with regard to its application in the field of landscape architecture.

In lectures, exercises and excursions, the students acquired fundamental skills in climatology and atmospheric sciences, hydrology, soil science, ecology and botany. The aim was to understand the significance of abiotic and biotic environmental factors, their interaction in the system and basic processes and effects, in order to make this knowledge accessible for design and planning tasks.

We thank our students, the whole teaching team, and especially our experts from the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH, WSL, University of Bern a.o., for their commitment and enthusiasm.



Climate Module Fall20

Water Module Fall20

Soil Module Fall20

Ecology & Plant Science Module Fall20