ETH Master of Science in Landscape Architecture

WELCOME! We offer a new two-year master’s program in Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes. Initiated by Prof. Teresa Galí-Izard, Prof. Christophe Girot and Prof. Günther Vogt at the Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS), it is the only such program in Switzerland. The study program begins on Sept. 19, 2022.

Entry Autumn Semester 2023 |The first application window from 1 Nov. – 15 Dec. 2022 is compulsory for all students with a Bachelor’s degree from outside Switzerland (extra-EU, EU/EFTA), students with a Swiss Bachelor’s degree who require a visa to study in Switzerland and currently do not have a valid residence permit, and for students who wish to apply for the Excellence & Opportunity Scholarship Programme (ESOP)/ETH D-Scholarship. This first application window is also open to all applicants. The second application period from 1 — 30  April 2023 only for students with a Swiss Bachelor’s degree who do not need a visa to study in Switzerland or who already have a Swiss residence permit by the time of application.

Important note: Starting with the coming application period for autumn semester 2023, applicants with a Bachelor’s degree obtained outside Switzerland can only apply during the application window in November/December. The second application round in April will only be open to applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from a Swiss university who do not need a visa or already have a valid Swiss residence permit.

Mission Statement

The ETH Zurich Master of Science in Landscape Architecture (MScLA) redefines the goals and boundaries of landscape architecture as a design discipline through the development of new tools and methods that will vary according to project location, scale and time. The challenges of the 21st century call for a new kind of interdisciplinary design intelligence. Design is a medium for change, and in the case of landscape architecture, it offers highly experimental and prospective approaches that combine scientific knowledge with cultural awareness, and the living environment with technology. The Department of Architecture at the ETH in Zurich provides a unique framework to reflect on the built environment as it is adapts to a rapidly changing planet. This programme strives to address civil society through design, to encourage better and more stable landscape conditions for an engaged and just society.



  • Jul112022

    FIELDWORK WEEK in Cima Città


    FIELDWORK WEEK in Cima Città (Val di Blenio)
    Organized by the Chair of Being Alive

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  • Jun172022


    ETH Master of Science in Landscape Architecture

    New application windows for autumn semester 2023

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  • May302022

    Furttalweg: Final Review FS22

    31 May 2022, 09:00-13:00 (CET)
    HIL G 75, ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich

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  • May272022

    Waters of Roman Soil: Final Review FS22

    01 Jun 2022,
    10:00-16:00 (CET)
    HIL F 65, ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich

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  • Apr292022

    Form and Territory: Three Projects in Peru

    6 May 2022
    ONA Fokushalle (E7)

    LUStalks series

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  • Apr252022

    FESTIVAL: Sonic Topologies

    24-26 June, 2022

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  • Apr252022

    BOOK LAUNCH: Landscape Analogue

    19 May 2022, 18:00
    Never Stop Reading, Zurich

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  • Apr012022


    5 April 2022
    6pm CEST on Zoom

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  • Mar292022


    12 – 13 May 2022
    ETH Zürich, Zentrum

    Organised by the Chair Günther Vogt, Landscape Architecture. 

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